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Candied hazelnut

Candied hazelnut craft production.

  • Origin: Spain.
  • Ingredients: Hazelnuts, sugar, water.

Available in 100-120g individual pack  or 5Kg Bundle.

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They are the fruit of the common hazel ( Corylus avellana) .
Originating in Asia Minor, there is already evidence that was consumed in Mesopotamia, during the Neolithic . The Greeks spread to other countries , reaching Spain in the nineteenth century.

It is natural source of vitamin E and B and an excellent antioxidant that slows the effects of aging .
The Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids they contain, reduce high cholesterol.
For his contribution in calcium, recommended especially for children and elderly.


Help strengthen the nervous system and prevent heart disease .
Combat fatigue and fatigue.
Aid digestion and fight constipation.


Help endurance athletes and have anti-inflammatory properties.
According to Irish tradition , are a symbol of wisdom and transmit that property to people who eat them.
Indicated especially for vegetarians , as they are a good substitute for meat .

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