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"Garrapiñadas Mi Tierra", artisan candied nuts, dried seeds and dehydrated fruits.

“Garrapiñadas Mi Tierra” was born as a family project in mid 1999 and since then, we have worked with the same craftsman character that identifies us today.

We are present in almost all the national territory offering our 100% natural snacks in Gastronomic shows, international fairs, street markets and Tourist spots. Nowadays we are leading the market in Spain keeping the tradition alive for nearly 15 years.

Our origins date back at selected gastronomic events around Spain, offering a wide variety of ready-to-eat treats. Our exclusive recipe to elaborate this goodies, allow us to give the unique taste, texture and unmistakable look that is both inviting and delicious at any time.

We ship our products anywhere in Spain and the rest of Europe.

The preparation of candied nuts remains as a widespread tradition in Spain, the taste and particular texture are achieved mixing natural ingredients like sugar and water.

The process is rather simple:

Seeds, sugar and water are poured in a rotating copper pan, then stirred with a wooden spoon until it boils. As the water evaporates the sugar sticks to the walls; when it turns white is taken out and placed on a sieve. The sugar that has not been melted is put back into the pan. The candy then sticks to the product leaving the characteristic luster look.

Finally the product is removed and repositioned on a flat tray, allowed to cool and packaged.